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Usenet Prime FAQ

Why Usenet Prime?

Usenet Prime aims to deliver amazingly fast, feature rich Usenet access through our 256-BIT SSL secured tunnels running to servers located throughout the world. Offering friendly customer service, fantastic member features and benefits, all at affordable prices, making it the Prime way to Usenet.

What are newsgroups?

Newsgroups are a network of discussion groups where millions of users read postings, or articles, using software called a newsreader. Users can then make comments and ask questions in response to the postings. Thousands of newsgroups exist, covering a wide range of topics. Newsgroups typically fall into a few basic categories. There are newsgroups that have to be pre-approved and cover a specific topic, and there are alternative newsgroups that can be created by anyone and cover any topic of their choosing. Newsgroups are also categorized as either moderated—posts have to be approved—or unmoderated.

Newsgroup names are made up of parts, separated by dots, that indicate the topics covered in the newsgroup. The parts of the name go from least specific to most specific. For example, the group name comp.sys.apple2 discusses computers (a general topic), systems (a computer topic), and Apple II (a specific computer system). Some common group subjects are comp (computers), rec (recreation), and sci (science). Other newsgroups follow a similar order, including alternative groups, which start with alt.

Which ports do I use?

Server Information
Configure your newsreader to connect to any of these servers:
US Server:
EU Server:
Connections: 50
TLS ports : 563 or 443 for SSL (TLS 1.0+).
Older SSL clients (SSLv2) : 564
Without SSL enabled : 119, 23, or 80



Connections : 20
Port: 119 or
SSL: 563
2500 days retention


What types of payment do you accept?

Usenet Prime currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express credit cards as well as Paypal as an alternate payment option.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your monthly subscription at any time. There is no signup fee, cancellation fee, or minimum term. You can use Usenet Prime for as short or as long as you need.

How do I request a refund?

To receive a refund of your payment, you must be within 30 days of your original payment to Usenet Prime. Login to the members area and you’ll find a section labeled “Request Cancellation”. Your account will then be deactivated and a refund will be made by our support team. You can also send your refund/cancellation requests to, including your account number, and we’ll happily process your refund.

Block Plans

How long do I have to use my block plan?

Usenet Prime block plans and XS News bonus block plans do not expire. Use the bandwidth allotment whenever you want.

What are the XS News Block Plans features?

With any XS News Bonus Block plan, you get access to

  • 134, 000 Newsgroups
  • 99.98% Completion Rate
  • TLS Encryption
  • 2750+ Days of Binary Retention

Prime Pricing

500GB Block


/one time

500 GB Non-Expiring Block Account

Prime Unlimited


unlimited monthly

+50 simultaneous connections

1TB Block


/one time

1TB Non-Expiring Block Account